Approach & Methodology

With over 20 years experience in the construction industry working for a variety of companies that boast a proven pedigree, I have understudied "salt of the earth" fabricators, draughtsmen and engineers alike. Having made the transition from a pre-computer generation to the technological age, I believe I can offer the best of both worlds.

I am attentive to the needs of all of my clients and a solid two way relationship is established from the inception of a contract. At ME Limited there is no ego or office politics to clog the channels of communication.

In addition to my own extensive experience in the industry, I am also fortunate to have numerous contacts from whom I can extract knowledge and with which I can bounce ideas back and forth. This is a valuable asset and ensures that the client will always receive the most innovative yet practicable solution available.

Project ownership doesn't come in to it, I alone remain responsible for all aspects of design, production, quality and health and safety.
The aim is to provide a local, proactive, dynamic client focused service.

Emphasis is on meeting the client's needs and meeting all requirements, to produce a functional and cost effective design solution.
All design work completed by ME Limited is undertaken on the latest, networked computer hardware and design software to maximise accuracy and efficiency.

ME Limited also holds the required insurances, provided by Griffiths and Armour. Details are available upon request.